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. the leak first noticed on thursday, and nasa has never before decided on a hastily arranged space walk for a space station crew. the outpost commander says the situation is serious but not life threatening at this time. and we plan to check in on the situation throughout the show. >>> turning to other news -- we're sorry. that's what the irs is saying to conservative groups and tea party members after at mitting it was "inappropriate" to target those groups during the 2012 election. the irs singling out dozens of organizations to see if they were guilty of violating their tax exempt status. some tea party groups are saying an apology isn't enough. and now congress is calling for an investigation. we have more now on the story. molly? >> reporter: hi, yes, more republicans are joining the chorus calling into an investigation. why the irs singled out various conservative political groups for extra scrutiny during the 2012 election year as these groups applied for tax-exempt status. just because they had words like "tea party" or "patriots" in their names. some groups have been waiting fo
up a six-hour emergency spacewalk outside the international space station. nasa saying they have replaced successfully a cooling pump and it was perform solidly. they discovered the leak on thursday. nasa has never before staged such a fast and impromptu spacewalk. coming up, we'll out how dangerous the problem really was with our managing editor. stay tuned for that. >> heather: we have new developments to tell you about in the ohio kidnapping case. the man accused of holding three women captives in his home for about a decade, he could be charged with more than just rape and kidnapping. they say ariel castro, he raped his victims and then he terminated their pregnancies by force. if they managed to seek murder charges, he could face the death penalty. live in cleveland with the latest the story that becomes more troubling by the day. >> reporter: prosecutor a prosecutor gave us a glimpse of the case guns ariel castro. he intends to seek charges for each and every act of sexual violence, every miscarriage and every single baby three women were held in captivity. now castro is al
. the astronauts first noticed flakes of frozen ammonia coolant on thursday. nasa has never stayed such a fast expim prom few spacewalk for a space crew. nasa called it significant, but said it is not a safety threat to the crew. we'll bring you more on this story as we get it. >>> meantime, another fox news alert on a stunning admission by the internal revenue service. hello, every. i'm kelly wright. >> and this is an interesting story. good to see you,. i'm jam mooy colby. several lawmakers including senate republican leader mitch mcconnell are calling for a full scale investigation of the tax agency after senior officials and the head of the agency's tax division, lois lerner, admitted to unfairly targeting conservative groups for additional reviews during the 2012 election. we have been tracking the story and molly has more details. molly, what do we know? >> hi, jaime. hi, kelly. it means requests for more paperwork and information about their groups and contacts. here is how one tea party leader described the increased irs scrutiny. >> every facebook post and comment on our facebook page
tsarnaev but didn't tell the u.s. >>> and nasa astronauts spent hours outside the space station today to fix an ammonia leak. nasa said the crew wasn't in danger but called it an emergency. >>> a man suspected of living a double secret life for more than a decade is spending his first weekend under 24/7 watch in a nine by nine foot jail cell as fbi investigators press forward for their search for clues on cleveland's seymour street. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti is there live. what's all the activity going on there today? >> reporter: that's right. if you take a look over my shoulder here you can see the white house, three houses down, that's the house where the alleged kidnapping took place and where the three women were held hostage for ten long years. so that's the scene that is currently the house that's being secured and boarded up as a crime scene. not only that house. the authorities boarded up the two homes on this side of it that were already vacant. boarding that up as well so there are no trespasses involved. again, they want to keep the area preserved as a cri
to one you may have had in your car. nasa says the station has a leaky radiator and the commander says the situation is serious but not life threatening in part of the system that could be bypassed if need be. nasa expects to know more of the extent of the problem later today. >> happening now, incredibly rescuers may have found a survivor in the rubble 17 days after massive building chance near the capital. this morning, army officials ordered workers to stop clearing the site as they try to free a person that might still be alive. a soldier says rescuers found a woman in the debris and she waved herman. -- she waved her hand. the death toll has now risen to more than 1,000. >> the latest bay area community that may be ready to ban plastic bags county-wide in a single move. >> your four legged friend could be more than a trusty companion. the role 4:53 with traffic in the east bay interstate 680 the tail lights head southbound and traffic is light so far. leyla gulen will have traffic coming up for you. >> prince harry is kicking off day two of the seven day trip to the united states
. >> thank you, steve. >>> we are are taking you out to space this morning. nasa engineers are working to repair a serious problem on the international space station. ammonia is leaking from a radio -- radiator. space station commander says the crew is not in any immediate danger. nasa is monitoring the problem and is expected to rearrest more information today. >>> a woman has been found alive in that rubble of the garment factory in bangladesh that collapsed 17 days ago. rescuers says she is remarkably in good shape despite her ordeal. the death toll from that collapse has topped 1,000 people. rescue crews were originally going to wrap up the recovery information today but that may change with today's miraculous discovery. >>> support continues to pour in for the three women found in cleveland, ohio. yesterday a victory parade. berry and dejesus are back home with their families. knight is still being treated at a cleveland hospital. the owner of the home where the women were found could face the death penalty. yesterday 52-year-old ariel castro was charged with seven felony counts o
to you, marla. >> mother nature saluting mom. thanks very much. still to come, a tall task for nasa. why it's looking to rope in an steroid. astroid. >>> scientists at nasa aimes research are working on a plan to rope the astroid. they want to build a spaceship that can drag an astroid closer to earth. scientists coming up with a plan to capture the astroid, by lasso or harpooning it. some think by bringing it closer to earth, they can learn how to travel deeper into space. ultimately the project could cost billions of dollars. >>> the lengths a california woman went to in order to quit smoking. how it landed her in jail after the break. >>> this is one of those stories that's just hard to believe. a sacramento area woman is in jail this morning after she came up with a very creative way to quit smoking. 31-year-old etta lopez allegedly slapped a sacramento county sheriff's deputy across the face so he would lock her up. the county jail is smoke-free. he said lopez confronted him outside the jail. after he was booking her she said she waited all day for a deputy to come out. she knew sla
time to head off into orbit where nasa says that the international space station has sprung a leak. it said to be losing ammonia from its cooling system. >> crew members spotted white flakes floating away on thursday. ammonia is used to cool the solar batteries that provide power for the station. nasa says the station might have to be shut down for repairs, but the crew members are not in danger and that the station is operating sort of normally. it could get warm in there. it is not like you could just roll down a window. >> stay with us here on dw. more news for you later. captioned by the national captioning institute --wwwncicap.org--
and then it will go to voters. in exactly two minutes, nasa astronauts are scheduled to start an emergency spacewalk to fix an ammonia leak at the international space station. live pictures in and out, johnson space center in houston and the iss, live pictures there. the ammonia is used to cool the power systems and it's leaking there. nasa noticed this leak on thursday. if the leak is not fixed, nasa says it could shut down cooling systems in a matter of hours. we'll show the emergency spacewalk live in just a couple of minutes. if there was a pill to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin dedicated to your eyes, from bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is uniquely formulated to help protect your eye health. now that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health. and now there's ocuvite eye + multi. an eye vitamin and multivitamin in one. >>> these are live pictures of the international space station, a sp
white ammonia floating outside. nasa says the space walk is unprecedented because it was planned on such short notice. >> more news at the top of the hour so don't go away. >> welcome to our review of the week's top business stories. shares continue to rise at the frankfurt stock exchange. solid earnings from some of germany's leading stocks this week sent it to an all-tie high in its history. it reached a record close of 8, 278. the previous record set in 2007 became history after the fall of lehman brothers. the weak recovery fell victims to the euro zone's debt crisis and only now recupid earlier losses and hit a new high. the strong numbers come after they announced a cut in key interest ratesdzlat week meaking it cheapor for investors to get fresh cash. >> interest rates are low and the money is being reinvested in stocks. >> germany is not an exception. equity markets in asia have also been surging to record highs thanks to monetary easing by central banks. but it's wall street that is leaving the global -- leading the global rally. the dow climbed above the 15,000 mark for
to outer space. you're looking at the international space station right now. nasa astronauts had to perform an emergency space walk, as i mentioned, to fix an ammonia leak. the space walk started this morning. i want to bring in our resident space expert, john zarrella. john, how did it turn out? >> reporter: don, it was just a couple of days ago when the astronauts and cosmonauts on the international space station noticed white flakes flying away from a section of the station. it was determined it was ammonia coolant leaking. nasa quickly mounted an eva and two astronauts today walked outside the international space station, went over to an area where a cooling pump was the suspect in this mystery that nasa was trying to solve. the astronauts when they got there couldn't see any more flakes, couldn't see any leaking of ammonia, but they went ahead. they pulled that pump out and put in a and low and behold, no more leaking of ammonia. they're hopeful, confident that they've solved the problem. in fact, the astronauts made quick short work of this, way ahead of the time line. they were back
station. the leak forced the shutdown of one of eight solar panels. but nasa says the space station can operate fine with only seven panels providing power. nasa announced the decision to do the spacewalk at a briefing friday afternoon. the leak is in one of the radiator lines that cool the power systems. there's been a leak before in the same area. nasa has said the six-man station crew is not in danger. three of them are scheduled to return to earth on monday, one of the reasons why they will try to fix the problem this weekend. it's more than a footrace it's a san francisco original. bay to breakers is coming sunday, may 19th. kron 4 will bring you all the fun. we'll have cameras and crews along the course -- giving you two hours of coverage so you won't miss a step. we are now 9 days to this year's bay to breakers. happening sunday, may 19th. in sports we have an update for game 3 of the warriors' game. in chicago, things get a little ugly between the bulls and lebraun james. we will have that story coming up in just a bit. --lebron. will have that story coming up in just a bit. --l
area city is making to clean up the mess. >>> a rare and risky move, the problem forcing nasa on an emergency space walk. >>> plus the double digit temperatures you can expect after mother's day, your complete bay area forecast. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. . >>> a washington man is under arrest tonight after police say he bulldozed his way through his neighborhood in port angless. he damaged four homes and destroyed at least one car. he also brought down some power lines knocking down electricity to customers. >> he was angry with his neighbors but we don't know why. >> a massive clean up operation is about t
investigation. >>> about two hours from now, nasa astronauts will begin an emergency space walk to fix an ammonia leak at the international space station. this ammonia is used to cool the power systems. you can see it here. see these little flecks near the bottom of your screen. that's the ammonia. it falls like snow because of the environment. they noticed the leak on thursday. if the leak is not fixed, nasa says it could shut down cooling systems in a matter of walk. this emergency space walk is scheduled for two hours from now, 8:15 eastern, and of course we'll show it when the hatch opens and the repair begins. let's go back to brianna keilar in cleveland. >> thank you. we'll be watching that as well as other headlines, including the obama administration which is opn defensive over a deadly attack which killed the ambassador and three other americans in libya. apparently, officials are more involved than they first let on in tweaking those talking points the white house used to describe last september's attack. cnn white house correspondent jim acosta is at the white house. jim? >>
station walk tomorrow morning. >>> the astronauts began preparing their space sts. >> nasa rarely does an operation on short notice. the commander describes what he saw in the ammonia leak. >> we saw a very steady stream of flakes or bits coming out of a radiator used for a cooling system. >> nasa had to shut off power from one of the solar panels. >> one of the space walking astronauts is scheduled to return monday. >> another reason for the hurry. >>> temperatures today warmed up a few degrees and it will get warmer as we head into your weekend. >> antioch got to 87 today. >> nap a 73. those are the highs from today. >> highs tomorrow increase and you knew that. the clouds now stay to the north. all that weird weather we had earlier this week is moving out of the area, or is out of the area and now we're just set up with some very nice high pressure that's going to create a very warm environment inch land. >> now along the coast it stays cool. >> and that's because the lid's going to get squished down and that's what happens it kind of squishes down and you get this poor visibility,
a developing situation right now aboard the international space station where nasa officials say two astronauts are preparing for a possible spacewalk to fix a leaking cool and the line. na>> reporter: it all started yesterday when astronauts noticed something unusual outside. take a look at this video, in this video shot by nasa astronauts you can actually see tiny white flakes floating way way from the international space station. they are believed to be frozen ammonia leaking from a cooling loop in one of the solar arrays providing power to the space station. here is how the mission commander describes it. >> i was back in the docking compartment looking dash tkharb you catalk being. there is a very steady stream of flakes or bits coming out and rotating towards the forward as the truss eurgs rotating. >> astronauting tried to fix a smaller leak in the same general area back in november. it remains unclear whether that leak has gotten bigger or whether this is a completely new leak. before going to bed astronauts prepared their space suits for a potential spacewalk. nasa officials say they h
>>> good morning. breaking news. two nasa astronauts making a walk in space this morning to fix a leak in the international space station. how serious is it? the crew onboard in danger? we're following it all, live. >>> moving on, a task force finally issues a recommendation about what to doith sandy hook elementary school in the wake of the tragic shooting massacre. >>> and lost and found. a $22,000 diamond anniversary ring accidently flushed away. thanks to some hard working employees, public works employees, it's back on its owner's finger. today is saturday, may 11th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill. the spacewalks as we know are normally planned well in advance and we get excited to watch them. this morning this wasn't exactly planned well in advance. kind of a last-minute addition the little flakes coming off have something to do with a leak they're trying to repair. i don't w
at the international space station. we'll have a live look from nasa. >>> the cleveland man accused of holding three women captive for almost a decade is now locked in a 9 by 9 foot cell. officials say tests of ariel castro's dna confirm he's the father of the 6-year-old girl born to kidnapping survivor amanda berry. police also have boarded up castro's home, to preserve the crime scene. meantime, the prosecutor handling the case says he plans to charge castro for, quote, each and every act of sexual violence he allegedly carried out. castro also could face murder charges related to claims that he starved and punched michelle knight to induce at least five miscarriages. this morning, while relatives of berry and gina dejesus continue to celebrate their safe return, knight's family doesn't know where she is. she's released from the hospital, but a family spokesman said police won't tell them where she went. that's why we're bringing in cnn's pam brown for more on this story. she is safe. she is comfortable, we're told, that she's not in touch with her family. >> that's right. i just got off the phone
the international space station. what nasa is now saying about a leak and how it may affect the crew. bill: also prince harry is having a heck of a time. martha: yeah. bill: first full day in the u.s. with a tribute to our nation's fallen heroes live at arlington national cemetery only minutes away. ♪ bill: there are some unbelievable pictures. broad daylight, diesel tanker overturns on a major interstate. that fire causing numerous explosions. look at that thing burn. the investigators say the driver was able to get out. minor injuries. harrisburg, pennsylvania. that road will be closed at least for several days. and on she burns. martha: we are following a developing situation where the international space station right now. nasa says there is a leak. the iss commander calling the situation serious but not life-threatening. here are some context on the iss so you can visualize what is going on up there. it orbits about 200 miles above the earth. it travels at 17,500 miles-an-hour, making one full orbit every hour and a half around the earth. finally the international space station spans the
-minute space walk to plug a leak at the international space station. >> nasa says that the problem has to do with an ammonia coolant that is used to chill the power station. the astronauts will spend about six hours making the emergency repairs. why the short notice? because three of those astronauts are set to return to earth on monday. we'll be right back. ,,,,,, goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. between the warriors and sps >>> burn is out at oracle tonight. he'll have complete reactions at 11:00. but for now here is the sports minute. steph curry and clay thompson shooting more like a little splash as they lead for most of the night holding off the warriors down the stretch. san antonio wins it tonight to take a 2-1 series lead. game four on sunday. and matt cain is winless in april, now 2-0. in may they have batted around in the 4th. two hits in the inning to extend his hitting streak to ten games. beating them
hour space walk. they replaced a pump to stop the leak as nasa described as very serious. officials stressed that the iss crew -- for.is all we have time you have news for you at the top of the hour in about 45 minutes. >> everyone knows the owner. food.pplies the stable it is a busy place. all is not well at the bakery. she has to run it alone with her workers here have a year ago her husband was adopted out of the shop. she says they took two months to call and demand a ransom. alan approve that my husband was still alive. they wanted half a million pesos. at first i had to speak to him. otherwise how can i be sure? crime is flourishing in mexico, not the least in rural areas. criminal games did not hesitate to kidnap or kill people. they abducted her husband in front of dozens of witnesses. they went with them across the markets where even though many people were there. they walked right past me. i thought they were bodyguards. they went into the town hall. my husband was supposed to become mayor some. outside of town, five corpses were found. her husband was not among them. it s
. >>> nasa engineers trying to fix a serious problem on the international space station. ammonia is leaking from a radiator. right now there is six people on board the space station including two american astronauts. the crew is not in any immediate danger. nasa is monitoring the situation. they are expected to tell us more information sometime today. >>> right now it's 5:50. we want to check back in with sal. what are you keeping an eye on sal? >> we're looking at the east bay and all kinds of commutes really. but we're looking at the toll plaza. trying to get into san francisco. there is a small delay some of the cash payers are paying a little bit of money. for the most part we are off to a decent start here. also 237 you can see traffic is busier approaching the turn off heading west over to 101. if you are coming in on the livermore valley, today it's better than yesterday. at 5:50 let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. higher clouds are all gone. high pressure is trying to build in. i think it's a warmup for inland areas. it's been a tough couple of days. 50 san francisco. you get a w
a minute. this is just as exciting. this is actually a live picture from outerspace of nasa astronauts conducting a space watch. two crewmembers working to try to bring the craft to full power. they have to mix an ammonia leak in order to do that. in this view that you are looking at right now is actually electric one of the astronaut's helmet cams. how incredible is this. a live look from outerspace. this last minute kind of hastily planned walk to fix the leak officially began at 5:44 this morning our time, and it's expected to last until about noon. one of the station's solar powered electrical systems has been shut down because of leaking pneumonia, and the astronauts are trying to fix the leak during the spacewalk. we are told it is a serious situation, but not necessarily a dangerous one. however, unplanned kind of last-minute spacewalks like this, nasa says, are especially risky. they are outside the space station working to fix an ammonia leak as we speak. they should be doing it until about noon today. we will keep you posted on it as the morning goes on. so incredible to watc
and look forward to tomorrow. >>> nasa called it an emergency spacewalk. >> we saw enough good indications that the fqdcs are successfully disconnected. >> the international space station started to leak ammonia thursday, that's the stuff that cools solar panels on the iss, which in turn provide power that runs the orbiter. astronauts spent five hours replacing a pump. problem fixed. nasa says none of the crew was ever in any immediate danger. >>> coming up, the irs admits to targeting the tea party. cnn has new information on just how long it was happening. >>> plus it remains a worst drunken driving crash in u.s. history. a new film lays out how it all happened and how 27 people lost their lives that night. >>> the president honored the top cops. he used the event to push for tougher gun laws. he singled out officers that responded to the boston bombings and took part in the manhunt for the tsarnaev brothers, calling their bravery typical. >> they're out there. hundreds of thousands of them. patrolling our streets every single day. and we know that when we need you most you'll be ready t
burial continues even after he's laid to rest. >>> taking a walk in space, two nasa astronauts are outside the international space station making a crucial repair. making a crucial repair. >>> the man accused -- -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> here in cleveland, the man accused of imprisoning three women is locked up in a 9 by 9 jail cell right now. one of his alleged captors is choosing to have no contacts with her family. joining me to talk about the latest developments in a possible legal hiccup is cnn's pamley brown. first off, i should say, you just came from the dejesus house. what's going on there? you said there's more activity. >> there's more activity than i've seen there. we've been hearing reports that michelle knight went there after she was released from the hospital. we saw several of gina's family members, we saw her mom, her aunt, her sister out there. we saw more guardian angels that have been out there monitoring the house outside of the house than i had seen there before. and also police officers that the family was talking to, we don't know exactl
. "the washington post" says nasa's thinking about a mission to mars but so far there's no program and no budget and nasa admits it doesn't have the technology. at a conference yesterday audience members grew impatient with senior nasa officials expressing cautious optimism. >> the boston globe talks to the man who elbowed president obama in the face during a pickup basketball game. renaldo accidentally threw his elbow back at the president in 2010. he needed 12 stitches for his upper lip. he said he kept silent until now because he didn't want this to define his life. good luck with that. >> good luck with that. the miami herald says when it comes to discussing family money matters, moms are better than dads. a survey out today finds moms are often the ones who get the conversation started on things like retirement and saving money. that's because mothers are more likely to describe themselves as the empathizer in the family. think that's true gayle? >> i'm not surprised edd to hear that. are you charlie rose? moms start the conversation about money? >> not at
-- from nasa. they're trying to repair an ammonia leak in the cooling system. it was discovered on thursday and the station commander says the 6 man crew isn't in danger because of the leak but they believe the problem needs to be fixed right away, so they did this hastily, prepared for a space walk, which they don't like to do, but they are doing that this morning. as part of the repairs, the two space walkers are going to have to swap out a pump box on a solar panel and that supplies electricity to the station. >>> if you wanted a one way ticket off of earth, you are good company, 78,000 people from are around the world have applied to go on a one way trip to mars, the possibility of the trip is through mars one. it's an organization aiming to put four people on the red planet by the year 2023. organizers say due to the physiological change in the human body after a stay on mars, there would be no coming back. if you would like to apply, applications will be accepted until august 31st. here you go. right here. >> i already submitted your application. i'm going to miss you so m
on spying on nasa was stopped with his national -- an asset issue that top it turns out it was not full of classified documents but illegally dominated copyrighted movies and sexually explicit films films, of pornography. right? yesterday he pled guilty to the misdemeanor charge and has 48 hours to leave the country. review live or eat or brief there is that channel for you. espn and the southeastern conference will launch the new channel next year including 45 football games games, 100 men and 60 women basketball games baseball games and 17 other sports in the guy are thrilled about that. up next revealing admission from chuck schumer about the perils of obamacare. the "a team" is here with me we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you
instant index on this monday, lessons in perspective first from far, far away. some people at nasa actually wondered if smart phones could beam back pictures from space. so they put some on boxes. they attached boxes to the rocket that blasted off two weeks ago, and are you ready? ta-da! there they are, pictures the phone sent back. images of our beautiful planet, souvenirs taken at, by the way, a fraction of the usual hi-tech cost. >>> and there's another new perspective on the world tonight. let's call it hungry-bear cam. researchers put collars containing cameras on black and brown bears in alaska. that's the bear's chin at the top of the picture. and mostly we discovered they eat. yes, here comes a slice of pizza right out of the garbage. they also eat dandelions from your lawn. alaskan towns are just one big cafeteria for them. and look at the dexterity, massive paws reach up to help munch the seeds out of a bird feeder. a brief rest and then on to the next bird feeder. >>> and speaking of that, coming up, some proof of a startling thing we all do if we're hungry at the superm
that you're a poker champ, too. oh. hey, listen, i hate to break it to you, but i believe nasa requires a couple of days of debriefing. well, that's okay, well get him on the phone. yeah, i mean, it's not everyday that your friend flies in on a rocket at 17,000 miles an hour. one small step for dr. fleinhardt, one giant leap for cal sci. oh, look, there he is! hey!
of satellite images collected by nasa and the u.s. geological survey. google and time magazine partnered to put the time-lapse images online. we have seen satellite images of earth before. what makes this project so extraordinary? >> we are looking at 29 years of images, from 1984 to 2012. the clarity is absolutely breathtaking. >> reporter: they include the rain forest of brazil, the green seen disappearing over time. >> one area in the amazonian rain forest used to be about the size of nebraska. it has now lost 25,000 square miles or like losing west virginia. >> reporter: in dubai in the middle east the population has grown from 300,000 in 1984 to more than 2 million today, not just building up the desert, but building out into the sea. and these mushrooming polka dots are actually irrigation systems, turning saudi arabia into a bread basket. in alaska, the columbian glacier once rose over 10,000 feet above sea level. now only a small part of it is left. while there is much more of las vegas than there used to be the lake contracts. our world in stunning images over time as it's never been s
it a serious situation. the problem is a leak of of ammonia in the station's power system. nasa engineers are working to correct it before parts of that system start to shut down. six people are on the station and although it is being called serious, it's not considered life-threatening. >>> the staggering toll from the collapse of that garment factory in bangladesh just keeps going up. more than 1,000 people are now confirmed dead and is already the worst garment factory disaster in the world and they expect to find more bodies. >>> abc news was first to get an ad on benghazi. a takeoff on hillary clinton's 3 a.m. phone calls. when the call came in, it it went unanswered it is claimed but the romney campaign chose not to air it. coming up on "gma" exclusive new details about the administration's response to the benghazi attack. >>> prince harry is in washington this morning on a second day of his goodwill tour of the states. the high-profile royal visited article ling ton national cemetery and later today he meets with wounded warriors at walter reed medical center. tahman bradley has mo
on thursday and we're hearing the repair could take several hours. nasa says the leak while significant, does not pose a safety threat, weigher we're -- we're keeping an eye on it. i'm jamie colby. keep it on fox >> brenda: president obama hitting the road with his latest plan to juice up the economy with billions of dollars in new spending. but look what's happening amid mandatory spending cuts. jobs are improving, housing is heating up, and the dow is taking off, charging past 15,000 this week. so gary b, is more spending the last thing we need right now? >> brenda, like dejavu all over again. they tried it with the stimulus. we still have, including people who have given up not looking for jobs, 14% unemployment! that's number one. two, in europe, austerity, you know what the countries that actually cut spending over there? they're the ones growing. most of the countries never cut spending over there. look, brenda, the government cannot create jobs. when you create a job, you're meeting a need. the government can't just say okay. now everyone needs green energy. so we're going to create jo
of ammonia drifting away from the laboratory and we're hearing the repair could take several hours. nasa says while the leak is significant, it's not currently posing a safety threat. >>> i'm jamie colby. more headlines coming your way in 30 minutes. back to cavuto on business. keep it right here at the fox news channel. >> neil: it looked like the immigration reform bill could be one for the record books. very thick books because with all the add ons and favors, this thing could make the 2,000 page health care law end up looking like a pamphlet. lots of stuff in there, like goodies for lawmakers in states with ski instructors, cruise ship workers, ranchers and farm hands, even irish immigrants, legal and otherwise. charles, lots of folks counting their lucky charms. who is counting our tax dollars? >> you know, as it gets larger, the red flags need to come out, as they -- >> neil: they don't. >> i was shocked when i read it was over 800 pages. this is a reform that both parties agreed needs to be done and the more christmas ornaments, the more they talk about government controlling private i
space station. nasa plans to monitor the situation in case another leak appears. an attorney for emt for west, texas said his client will plead not guilty to and charges. his client had no connection to the fertilizer plant explosion that killed 14 people last month. who role did the man play when the explosion understand? >> as you said prosecutors have not charged him for the fire but making a piem bomb. he was an incident commander and assigned to one side and his best friend cyrus died in the blast. next day reed was profiled as a brave and sympathetic figure that mourned the loss of his collogs. to locals he was overexposed. he said i messed up and i have issues that are coming back. he spoke at a city- wide memorial about the loss of his friend. >> cyrus hated the term "hero" we shared the building that they are persons eched in marble and that is reserved for those who paid the ultimate price and others faultered or would run. >> cyrus reed's sister said the two mens were not friends and the number was not if her brother's telephone. >> a h. as we learn more about this prosecu
for possible round the world flight in 2015. from nasa aims moffitt field 7 news. >> more aviation news to share with you tonight. prototype of plane that could travel from new york to los angeles in under an hour was tested this week. on wednesday a b-52 bomber took off from edwards air force base. there goes the bomb it's rail plane. the st. the rider hit 5 times the speed of sound. that's over 3500 miles an hour before crashing into the pacific. such a plane may never actually be used commercially however it take as lot of fuel and taws environmental issues which is why the concord never flew across the country just transatlantic flights. >> in a rare german bomber from the second world war set to be raised from the english channel where it was fit ziting at the bomb of the channel for 7 decade. here's a scan of the plane from the royal air force museum in london. work began today to retrieve the last surviving plane 17 off the coast of kent in the english channel. aircraft was first spotted by dmivrs 2008. 50 feet below the surface on chalk bed surround bid debris. the on
and said that was only foolish, anything in these wasn't true. he wasn't jewish. and supported nasa against israel, britain and france. and largely to the suez canal. >> i want to commend you for a fascinating book. i didn't want to comment on the first president, mr. washington, much too young then. i would like to bring this back to what the young lady was talking about, mr. roosevelt. in my own case i know my mother and father when they learned of mr. roosevelt's death. and commemorating the debt by setting seven days. and this date has never been corrected. and the argument about mr. roosevelt that were written about him, it is true he didn't do much to save the jews but he did more than anybody else and that is ridiculous because everybody else did zero. and mr. roosevelt did very little aside from st. louis. the captain of that ship, not a jew but a german. and once they were allowed, went to the coast of miami. people can still see the lights shining in miami and the government refused to let them in. everybody knew what was going on in the european theater. no question about it. the
. >> it will also work with popular 3d modeling software and n.a.s.a. is looking at it to control robots. >> you see the direction, the tilt. it works when i flip my hand over. >> but you can buy it yet. they push back the release date to july to make sure it's perfect. >> make a good first impression on consumers is important for us. >> abc7 news. >>> happy cinco de mayo. one of the biggest celebrations anywhere take place in san jose. each year the celebration includes musicians, dancers, venders and activists and guadalupe pay river park. there is no city sponsorship of the festival because hard economic times forced the city to make difficult budget choices but private sponsors have stepped up to provide a traditional downtown parade and other festivities that attract about 300,000 people each year. the big celebration includes stepped-up traffic control for the large crowds that typically turn out downtown and in east san jose. and while a vast majority of people enjoy a save celebration, people will add extra staffing to make sure it stays that way for everyone, and that includes extra patrol
with popular 3d modeling software and n.a.s.a. is looking at it to control robots. >> you see the direction, the tilt. it works works when i flip my hand over. >> but you can't buy it yet. they push back the release date to july to make sure it's perfect. >> make a good first impression on consumers is important for us. >> abc7 news. >>> happy cinco de mayo. one of the biggest celebrations anywhere takes place today in san jose. each year the celebration includes musicians, dancers, venders and activists and guadalupe pay river park. there is no city sponsorship of the festival because hard economic times forced the city to make difficult budget choices but private sponsors have stepped up to provide a traditional downtown parade and other festivities that attract about 300,000 people each year. the big celebration includes stepped-up traffic control for the large crowds that typically turn out downtown and in east san jose. and while a vast majority of people enjoy a save celebration, police will add extra staffing to make sure it stays that way for everyone, and that includes extra patrol
in 2010 following her disappearing act. >> is -- nasa capturing colorful pictures of a solar flair erupting from the sun. sent solar plasma 120 miles off the sun's surface. it wasn't aimed at earth in case you were wondering. this is the second major storm in two-days. there are more flares than usual by now because the sun is reaching maximum activity. that is your 5@5:00. >> great pictures. >>> a shocking allegation for one of the whistleblowers who will testify about the benghazi terror attack. fox news confirming he will testify then secretary of state hillary clinton tried to cut the state department's own counter terrorism bureau out of the decision making and reporting as the crisis unfolded. kelly wright is live with more on this. >> when that shocking allegation comes forward a lot of people will watch closely seeing how this confirms or they were saying hillary clinton was aa ban -- aband donning the state department. in the 9-11 attacks four americans were killed among them chris stevens. there was great deelt al of confusion about exactly what happened. obama administra
with a hybrid system. nasa sees these pictures with smart phones. they were put in boxes attached to a rocket and spent into space last month. they spent 6 days in orbit before sending back these images of the blue blan et. >> great advertisement for smart phones. >>> tension is mounting in the nation's capital where in just one day we will hear the testimony of three whistleblowers about the benghazi terror attacks. kelly wright is live in washington with this story. going to be a busy week in washington. >> indeed it will be. the three wiles blowers are members of the u.s. state department. the number two diplomat in libya at the time of the benghazi attack claimed certain aids of the obama administration lied in the benghazi attack in the public statement about it. chairman of the committee darrel issa praises hicks for coming forward. >> he even talks in his testimony about calling the state department and saying what susan rice says it couldn't have been true, how did they do it? his statements were unwanted and ever since then it has been even harder on him. >> another whistleblower is
threatening. the system could be bypassed if need be. nasa expected it know more of the extent of the problem today. >> happening now, incredibly, rescuers in bengladesh have found a survivor in the rubble 17 days after massive building collapse near the capital. this is video from the rescue. army officials ordered workers to stop clearing site after crews noticed a woman in a purple dress waving her hand. she was heard saying "i'm alive." cheers erupted from the crowd. more than 2,500 have been rescued sin the eight store factory came crash down but the death toll has risen to a thousand. >> shortage of ammunition is changing the way some bay area police departments train their officers to use deadly force. that is a pellet gun. some police departments are using them to stretch their precious training ammunition and making sure officers keep their edge. tonight, we will show you how ammunition shortage and riding prices are making prices are changing the way the men and women in blue protect themselves and us tonight on abc7 news at 11. >> governor brown's home intrude are makes the first c
. >>> nasa monitoring a leak on the international space station, serious, but not life threatening. coolant leaking from a large radiateor that keeps electrical systems from overheating. >>> an update for a story you saw first on "cbs this morning." the search on for the mastermind of the bigst bank heist ever. they stole 45$45 million in a matter of hours. take a look at these pictures. seven people under arrest in new york. u.s. attorney loretta lynch talked to us. once hacker got into the banks, their accomplices were ready and waiting. >> they become a criminal flash mob and race from atm to atm, as fast as they can, getting as much money as they can literally putting in their gym bags duffle bags knapsacks until they are shut down or completed the circuit. >> prosecutors warn this could be just the beginning. the problem? american banks still use magnetic strips on credit cards and those are easy to hack. other countries use cards with more secure chips inside. >>> time to show you this morning's headlines from around the cloebglobe. >> the washington post is warning
of the top stories we're following today. nasa is keeping a close eye on a possible ammonia leak on the international space station. it is reported there's no threat to the six people on board. if they need to, the crew, they can board the soyuz spacecraft and return to earth. >>> in bangladesh an amazing story nothing short of a miracle, 17 days after a clothing factory collapsed, a collapse that killed more than 1,000 people a woman has been pulled from the rubble alive. rescuers used handsaws and drilling equipment to cut her out of the wreckage. speaking to reporters, the seamstress described eating dried food for 15 days and limiting her water to a few sips a day. she ran down a set of stairs when the building collapsed and was trapped in a pocket by the basement prayer room of the building. when she heard rescuers nearby she started banging a steel pipe. she told reporters "i never dreamed i'd see the daylight again." she is now resting in a military hospital but doctors say she is out of danger and suffered no physical injury in the collapse, an absolutely incredible story
of eight solar panels. nasa says the crew is not in danger. >>> in a little more than an hour from now, one of the most unusual annual competitions will be held in piedmont. these are contestants from last year's bird calling contest at piedmont high. b tonight's event is the 48th annual contest. the students put on colorful costumes and whistle while trying to imitate our chosen bird. the top three winners will fly to new york city where they'll get to appear on the late night with david letterman show on may 21st. >>> folks down under looked up to see an incredible sight. this is the ring of fire eclipse. when planets overlap blocking everything but a dossing ring of light. it happens when the moon glides between the earth and sun. unlike a total solar eclipse, which turns day into night, this anular eclipse just dims the sunlight. >>> there are a lot of moms hoping for nice, warm, sunny weather. we go to bill martin. looks like it's going to happen. >> weather is working out. there's a lot going on this weekend. lots of outdoor stuff. there are going to be hundreds of thousands of people
to walk into space any minute now to try to bring the craft to full power. here's a live look from n.a.s.a. tv. you can see one astronaut in the foreground. that door that he's facing, the crewmembers that are going to do the space lock on the other side of that, that's crew lock. they are going through the depressure risation portion before they head out into space. we are watching it live and will continue to watch it as the morning goes on but the actual mission sits self is the astronauts are trying to fix a leak during their spacewalk. there is been an ammonia week that's made them have to shut down some of the electrical system. unplanned spacewalks like this they say are especially risky. we wish them the best. >>> and they are trying to repopulate endangered birds and it's not open to the puck often. but dan ashley has more. >> walking into pandemonium averys, visitors are treated by a chorus of screeches, hoops and:s. they are surround bid whimsy in the los altos hills. >> we have two version how we got our name. this is the special version, pandemonium is the word for parrots. bu
at the international space station live look at their space wa nasa says the problem has t with an ammonia coolant... h is used to chill the station's power system. the astronauts will spend about hours making the emergency repairs. so why t short notice? -- it's because 3 of those astronauts are set to return to earth monday. you know about the birds ane bees. but what about the butterflies? kpix 5's don ford shows us: a beloved exhibit has fluttered back san francisco's conservatorf flowers.. complete with a maternity ward. lau hodges/butterfly exhibit curator rosa ramirez/visiti in today's health watch - wt may be better than sunscree a new study shows beach- cover ups may more effective in protecting your skin from ultraviolet . resear >> the new study shows beach coverups could be more effective to protecting your skin. both sunscreen and physical barriers take t-shirts and hats can partially prevent uvb effects but the coverups work better. and this is the season when a lot of people are working out trying to get that perfect beach body. for more health tips jennifer is joining us live now. we wi
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